Art Saves The World

The Future Primitive is the last man on earth. After the world was destroyed by our carelessness, namely a nuclear mishap, the earth already weak from years of abuse was unable to recover. The sky never cleared, the few remaining plants and trees stopped photosynthesizing and the people withered away. Except for one: The Future Primitive. In his loneliness and despair he was compelled to create a monument to the memory of man which he calls "The Agony of Man". It is his attempt to capture all the pain and suffering that humanity has inflicted upon itself for as long as we have been able to think. In this way, the "The Future Primitive" and "The Agony of Man" have helped save the world by taking away from our reality the anxieties and fears (energies) of at least one man and encapsulated them into an alternate reality where the end of the world already happened. This allows the world in which we live to continue to exist in a relatively peaceful manner. Believe it or not.



Yet, evil forces still exist. Corruptive and corrosive powers continue to grow. We as a collective whole must not be ignorant to what The Future Primitive now knows. Hindsight is 20/20 and The Future Primitive has made a quantum leap in understanding. What he understands is something we all must learn.

Wake up and help save the world.


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